Handcrafted crochet produce bags containing apples and oranges.

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Kate is a designer and content creator, specializing in crafts and textile-related topics. She runs the Crochetpedia website, where she shares her crochet patterns, teaches through video tutorials, and researches crochet techniques. The experience as a pattern designer and education in fashion helped her better understand the world of textiles and handicraft. Kate comes from the family of makers, knitting and sewing from the early age. She lives by the Polish seaside with her partner and a dog.

Switch from plastic single-use bags to handmade crochet produce bags because it’s easy! Now every beginner crocheter will be able to make a stylish and useful kitchen accessory. This free crochet produce bag pattern was exclusively designed by Kate from Crochetpedia.

About the Project

This super easy crochet produce bag pattern uses only basic crochet stitches, such as chain and single crochet. You will be able to make it without any previous experience in crochet, so try it today.

If you need additional bags for grocery shopping or a foldable produce bag, this project is perfect for you. You can easily adjust the width and height, so it can be tailored to your needs.

In this article, you will find a written pattern and video tutorial (coming soon!).

The easily printable Easy Produce Bag PDF version is available in our shop:

Hand placing an apple into a crocheted mesh bag next to yarns on a wooden surface.

About the Author

Kate comes from a family of makers who never stop creating. She runs Crochetpedia, where she shares her free crochet patterns, video tutorials, and stitch ideas. Follow her if you want to hone your skills, try new techniques, or create something beautiful.


Video Tutorial

Coming soon!

Free Crochet Produce Bag Pattern

Difficulty Level

🧶- Beginner

Yarn and Tools

  • Yarn: Drops Cotton Light – 1 skein
  • Crochet Hook – 3.5 mm
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle



The finished piece was measured laying flat, very slightly stretched.

  • width: ~ 15 cm / 5.9 inches
  • length: ~ 19 cm / 7.5 inches


  • This pattern uses US Terms.
  • This mesh crochet produce bag is very stretchable, so try out its size as you go. You may want to add or omit a couple of rounds to make it work for you.
  • To make the bag wider, change the number of foundation chain stitches, but keep it a multiple of 2.
  • If you want to alter the height of the bag, change the number of round 4 repeats, but remember that it will stretch.
  • Use cotton yarn for this project because it’s sturdy enough to hold the shape. Although it’s possible to make it with wool, for example, it may stretch too much.


The easily printable Easy Produce Bag PDF version is available in our shop:


20 ch (~11 cm)

Round 1

1 ch, 2 sc in one stitch, 18 sc, 4 sc in one stitch, now work on the other side of the chain, 18 sc, 2 sc in the last stitch, sl st. (28)

Round 2

*5 ch, skip 1, sl st* x 23

Round 3

3 sl st in the nearest ch-sp, *6 ch, sl st in the ch-sp* x 23

Round 4 and further

repeat *6 ch, sl st in the ch-sp* spirally for 17 more rounds or however many you need to achieve your desired height. In my case, the bag measures roughly 18 cm from the bottom to the top, slightly stretched. 

Top Part of the Bag

Round 1

*3 ch, sl st* x 13. You finish in the center of the last chain space. This is the beginning of the next round.

Round 2

1 ch, 4 sc in the big ch-sp, *1 sc in the small ch-sp, 4 sc in the big ch-sp* repeat.

Round 3

1 ch, 1 sc, *2 ch, skip 2, 3 sc* x 13, 2 sc, sl st. 

Round 4

1 ch, 1 sc in the stitch, 2 sc in the ch-sp, *3 sc, 2 sc in the ch-sp* x 13, 2 sc, sl st.

Drawstring and Finishing

Secure and weave in all ends.

Make 80-100 chain stitches or as many as you need to achieve 45-50 cm of string. The string has to be longer than the circumference of the bag’s opening.

Weave it through the loops in the top part of the bag. Tie the ends together. 

You’re done!

We hope you enjoyed following this free crochet produce bag pattern. Make a couple and add to your kitchen, or gift them to someone you love.

The easily printable Easy Produce Bag PDF version is available in our shop:

Handmade crochet market bags on a wooden surface.

Thank you!

Use this foldable crochet produce bag to store fruits and vegetables or to help you with shopping. You can conjure up a versatile addition to your kitchen with only one skein of yarn, so there are no excuses. With this beginner free crochet pattern and an informative step-by-step video, it will be an easy task.

Choose your favorite colors and start making – the more handmade produce bags, the merrier.

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