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Decorative Rainbows

Decorative Rainbows Free Patterns

Today’s post is inspired by mother nature and one of her miraculous creations – the rainbow. This meteorological phenomenon has become a symbol of hope, happiness, life, and love. These days it is also used all over the world as a symbol of solidarity and unity in the difficult situation we are all experiencing. This collection of crochet patterns for Decorative Rainbows will help you fight the stress and keep your hands busy. You will also make the world around you so much prettier! Thanks to the amazing designers whose work we are sharing with you today, we can all enjoy the rainbow together. Isn’t that amazing?

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Rainbow Wall Hanging Free Crochet Pattern

Are you ready for a splash of color? Worked in the round, this pattern can be used to make a rainbow or a circular mandala. The bobble stitch cloud is such an adorable accessory! It certainly makes this design very special. Will it find its place on your wall?

Rainbow Wall Hanging Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here: Rainbow Wall Hanging, more info here.


Rainbow Showers Free Crochet Pattern

Warning crocheters, it is cuteness overload! If you are obsessed with kawaii style, this project will make your heart beat faster. This rainbow lady has long black eyelashes, adorably blushed cheeks, heart appliques, and the sweetest of colors.

Rainbow Showers Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about the pattern is here: Rainbow Showers, more info and the photos here.


Rainbow of Unity Free Crochet Pattern

This lovely designer has surprised as with colorful fluffy pom-poms. Since all crocheters probably love these soft balls of cuteness in every shape of form, adding them to a rainbow pattern must have been a recipe for success. Guess what? Is surely was!

Rainbow of Unity Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here: Rainbow of Unity, more info here.


Happy Scrappy Rainbow Free Crochet Pattern

Do you have plenty of colorful yarn left in your stash? You are so lucky then! You will be able to make yourself a lovely decoration following the instructions provided by this brilliant designer. It will be easy as pie, we promise!

Happy Scrappy Rainbow Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the pattern: Happy Scrappy Rainbow.


Chase the Rainbow Window Hanging Free Crochet Pattern

This pretty rainbow decoration was designed to suit your windows. If you want the people around you to smile, this is an easy way to make that happen. We love these puffy stitches and the long fringe is so spectacular!

Chase the Rainbow window hanging Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here: Chase the Rainbow Window Hanging Feather, more info here.


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