Daily Crochet News: Form and Function Free Crochet Patterns

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Kate is a designer and content creator, specializing in crafts and textile-related topics. She runs the Crochetpedia website, where she shares her crochet patterns, teaches through video tutorials, and researches crochet techniques. The experience as a pattern designer and education in fashion helped her better understand the world of textiles and handicraft. Kate comes from the family of makers, knitting and sewing from the early age. She lives by the Polish seaside with her partner and a dog.

Form and function should go together. Little projects that are fast and easy to make do not have to be decorative, but also very useful. Cute accessories which you can make during the weekend can become great gifts or add-ons to your closet. In addition to being cute, they should also be useful and versatile – and these projects are exactly these. Choose your favourite yarns and just go for it! Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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Amigurumi Caterpillar Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Caterpillar Free Crochet Pattern

This sweet caterpillar will become favourite toy of your child. It’s easy to make and has a lovely bow tie. 

Read more and go to the pattern:

Amigurumi Caterpillar

Caron Go-To Crochet Shawl Free Pattern

caron go to crochet shawl free crochet pattern

Shell shawls are a fenomenon on their own – crocheters love it! They are beautiful, intricate and look very elegant, which means that they are perfect for any occasion.

Go to the pattern:

Caron Go-To Crochet Shawl

Linna Hexagon Free Crochet Pattern

Linna Hexagon Free Crochet Pattern

This hexagon can be a piece of bigger whole, like a blanket or afghan. You can also use it as a coaster or a part of table runner.

Go to the pattern:

Linna Hexagon

Falling Hearts Free Crochet Pattern

Falling Hearts Free Crochet Pattern

Hearts and shawls go very well together and this project confirms it. It’s easy to make, perfect for beginners.

Go to the pattern:

Falling Hearts

Granny Ripple Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Granny Ripple Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Colorful rainbow looks perfect in so many colours. Over 100 mini skeins were used for this project. Simple granny ripple is a nice stitch to use when you want to incorporate many colors.

Go to the pattern:

Granny Ripple Blanket

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