Two pictures of crocheted flower squares.

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crocodile flower free crochet pattern and tutorial
Photos: BluebirdStitches/Lookatwhatimade
This beautiful afghan block is magical. This pattern, created by the gifted designer Joyce D. Lewis, can make anon-crocheter fall in love so deeply, that they will soon became a crocheter. Really! The square size is 12″ and you can use it as for blanket, tote bag or as a centre square of your other work. For more free designs every day follow us on Facebook. Link to that pattern is below

Skills: Easy to Intermediate       Yarn: Worsted weight yarn

crodcodile flower free crochet tutorial pattern
Photos: Lookatwhatimade

Crocodile Flower Square – visit the free photo tutorial site at LookatwhatIMade.  Writen pattern in pdf you can find at Ravelry. Go here to see more information about hook and yarn.

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  1. Maria Randerly Cunha Feitosa says:


  2. sono capitata in questo sito, perché mi interessava lo schema o il tutorial gratuito (come avete scritto voi ) ma poi mi trovo che non c’è nessun tutorial gratuito ne nessun schema gratuito, ma rimandate al Sito Ravely a pagamento.. scusate ma questa non è onesta .. non potete ingannare scrivendo gratuito e poi invece le persone se lo ritrovano a pagamento.. io mi vergognerei fossi in voi …

    1. If you visit the tutorial by LookWHatIMade (the first link under the photo) it’s free.

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