Crochet Blankets and Afghans

Color, texture and stripes, these blankets have it all

Let’s play with some features

Of course, we all know that the essential features of a crochet project are its color, texture and design. While color, of course, is purely dependent  on the hue of the yarn, texture is affected by both the yarn itself as well as the stitches used. Thus, here are some color, texture and stripe selections to demonstrate how these things interplay. However, even though these blankets have set patterns, there is just so much room for customization. Indeed, no two blankets will ever be alike.

Appache Tears Afghan

The combination of color, texture and stripes in this blanket is something quite unlike any other. Without a doubt, this is one of the most unique and easily recognized designs out there.

Skills:  easy      Designer:  Sarah LondonAppache Tears Afghan

The full article about this pattern is here:

Apache Tears Afghan

more info about JRobers451’s project you will find on Ravelry.


Rainbow Splash Blanket

Although this blanket uses a similar base set of color, texture and stripes, the net result is drastically different. Additionally, due to each of the color fields being quite small, this is a perfect stash buster, particularly of those ends that accumulate.

Skills:  easy      Designer:  Hannah Cross

Rainbow Splash Blanket

The full article about this pattern is here:


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