Bumble Bee Backpack Fee Pattern

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You and I may make do with a plain backpack or tote bag, but kids shouldn’t have to put up with our adult dreariness. Here are some interesting ideas for animal-themed backpacks that kids will actually enjoy taking along to carry all their important things and keep their hands free to interact with their world. Now, batman or unicorns can ride along the snack and tissues you sent your little guy or gal out into the world with.

Bumblebee Backpack Free Crochet Pattern

Bees are some of the most wonderful creatures on Earth. They are useful to us and so important to all plants. This backpack celebrates them and helps your little one get a much better understanding and appreciation for these amazing insects. Also, this busy little bee will help your child carry all of their important stuff in style and in comfort. You can use this adorable bumblebee to pack a snack for the busy time at the playground. I’m sure every kid will love such a gift! For more free designs every day follow us on FacebookThe Link to the pattern is below.

Skills: Easy    Yarn: Soft Smooth Cotton Natural Double Knitting Wool Yarn Ball Baby Woolcraft  Designer: Erangi Udeshika

Bumble Bee Backpack Free Pattern

Go to the pattern:

Bumble Bee Backpack

Tree-Frog Backpack

This beautiful little hopper is just the thing cool kids need to carry their snacks ‘n’ things around. It’s an enjoyable project that you can use to put some green in your kid’s life. A link to the free pattern is under the photos.

Skills: Easy     Designer: Lily® sugar’n cream®

Frog Backpack

Go to the pattern:

Frog Backpack

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