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Welcome to, your go-to destination for all things crochet. We’re committed to educating enthusiasts about the art of crochet, offering an extensive collection of over 4 500 free crochet patterns, in addition to numerous patterns from our esteemed partners. If you believe our audience aligns with your brand, we’re eager to connect with you – contact us.

Our Website Traffic 

Much like other websites in the crochet niche, our traffic experiences seasonal variations. Our page views see a dip during the summer months and a remarkable surge in the winter months. As a result, our website draws 10 874 120  page views annually. A Domain Rating According to is 51, proudly holds the distinction of being the leading crochet platform on the internet. Connect with our lively crochet community by tapping into our substantial social media presence:

  • Pinterest: An impressive 64.91M monthly viewers, a Total audience of 11.7 million monthly viewers, and a dedicated following of 796.7k followers
  • Facebook: A community of 145K likes and 166K followers.
  • Facebook Group My Hobby is Crochet: A thriving group of 85.4k members.
  • Newsletter: A dedicated readership of 20k subscribers.

Comprehending Understanding Our Viewership: Our primary core audience predominantly consists primarily of individuals passionate about crochet, and their demographic breakdown is as follows:

  • Gender: A substantial 81% of our audience are Female 78.71% and Male 21.29%
  • Age Groups: Diverse age groups include 18% between 25-34, 17% between 45-54, 16% between 55-64, 16% aged 18-24, and 15% aged 65 and above.

Global Reach: We primarily serve an English-speaking audience, with visitors hailing from the following countries:

  • 49% United States
  • 7.5% Canada
  • 7.5% United Kingdom
  • 3.5% Australia
  • 32.5 % Other

Exploring Collaborative Opportunities: We invite you to explore various collaborative opportunities between and your brand. Here are some avenues options to consider, and we’re open to your unique ideas as well:

  • Permanent advertising slots on our website.
  • Newsletter sponsorship.
  • Engaging social media promotions.
  • Product reviews and engaging giveaways in partnership with

You are welcome to reach out to us with your thoughts and ideas; we’re eager to embark on this creative journey together.