Weekender Blanket Throw Free Pattern

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Are you are ready for the next project, but don’t have time during the weekdays? Or do you need to start something new in between other projects in progress? Try this amazing pattern – the Weekender Blanket. The is is a colourful and easy pattern, based on joined hexagons and will be a good project to start when you need more breaks in between crocheting binges. Easy to remember where you finished last time: just start with new hexagon! The size of the blanket is approximately 62 x 51”  (158 x 130cm).

Skills: Easy    Yarn: dk yarn    Designer:   Sandra Paul

Weekender Blanket Throw Free Pattern
Photos: Sandra Paul
Weekender Blanket Free Crochet Pattern
photos: knitpurlhook
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Weekender Blanket – visit the free pattern site.

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  1. I have spent the past 10+ minutes trying to get the free instructions for the Weekender blanket to no avail. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance
    Valerie McGuire

    1. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post : ‘Weekender Blanket – visit the free pattern site…

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