Two pictures of a crocheted tooth with a crown on it.

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Don’t hesitate to check this pillow perfect gift that will make everyone happy. It truly is a wonderful crochet pattern that can be used indoor and outdoor. Use a poliester fiber yarn that resists weather and fading to make it last even longer. That’s a little bit of magic that every home needs.

Has the tooth fairy ever struggled to find the loose tooth under the pillow? Our own tooth fairy has had this happen at least 10 times. Sometimes the tooth can’t be found, or it can’t be taken out without waking up my son. Had I seen this pattern before, I would make the Tooth Fairy Pillow before my child lost the first tooth at 5. So, don’t wait, be prepared.

This tooth Fairy Pillow has a pocket on the back for the tooth/cash trade. You can additionally incorporate a ribbon handle so tooth shaped pillow can be hung on a bedroom hanger. It will be extraordinary gift for any occasion. This tooth pillow will be one of the best childhood memories.

Many uses of the Tooth Fairy pillow

Once your kid is all grown up or you maybe don’t have a kid at home, this pattern is still worth crocheting. It can make a perfect chair cushion that adds that unexpected character to the room. Use it on your porch or in the garden as wicker chair cushion. Whether it is a outdoor chaise lounge cushion or patio furniture addition, you and your guests will love it. Try it out both indoor and outoor to find the perfect palce for your pillow perfect crochet creation.

The link to the free pattern is below.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Perfect Gift Free Crochet Pattern

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