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The block stitch is a way for you to up your crochet game and a method for making your projects look like they came off the hook of a veteran. Here are two tutorials that show you how to make this easy and rapidly worked up stitch . While many people prefer written patterns, the video tutorial is a better way to go to learn a single stitch, rather than to noodle over a pattern for an entire project. The tutorials are detailed, easy to understand and easy to follow. A few tries and you will master this very versatile and useful stitch that produces robust, strongly joined blocks which give your project lots of drape and heft.

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Block Stitch Easy Crochet Tutorial


The Block Stitch – the Free pattern is here.

If you still have some doubts, to make everything clear, you can check another easy tutorial how to crochet the block stitch:

Block Stitch

Go to the tutorial:

Block Stitch Afghan

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