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The Mint Bunny by Colorful Dreams

This beautifully detailed amigurumi bunny will be a real treat for all crocheters. Step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to sculpt each part, as well as make the arms and legs move! When made with recommended materials, this toy is 5,1” (13 cm).

Elephant Moe by Colorful Dreams

Take your amigurumi skills to the next level with this adorable project! Elephant Moe will look cute no matter what colors you choose. This ambitious project features lovely details, subtle embroidery and excellent sculpting. Thanks to clever construction, each leg and arm moves independently.

Little Mouse by Colorful Dreams

Meet Olga’s adorable little mouse! Depending on the yarn you choose, the animal can be velvety soft, or woolly with a mohair frizz. You can be sure that it will be a perfect gift for your loved ones – no matter if big or small!

Get 11 premium crochet patterns
for $15!

Softy Unicorn by Colorful Dreams

Dreaming of a soft toy to cuddle? Make this cute amigurumi unicorn – it requires basic skills, so it’s a good choice for ambitious beginners. Velvet yarn will be perfect for this project, because it’s soft and easy to work with. If made with recommended materials, the unicorn is 33,5” (85 cm).

Magnolia Lace Shawl by Crochetpedia

This lacy shawl will be a versatile addition to your wardrobe, because it’s lightweight and elegant. Ombre cotton yarn provides beautiful color changes and the repeatable openwork pattern is easy to memorize. Use it as a beach cover, or add it to a fancy evening dress – it’s all up to you!

Fiesta Gitana by Christine Bateman

Inspired by vividly patterned Spanish tiles but equally effective in monochrome, this colorful throw can be made in a choice of shapes. The textured hexagons are fun to make and can be sewn or crocheted together, while a simple infill technique worked continuously around the border frames the ’tiles’ and avoids any wavy edges.

Pip’s Kitchen by Christine Bateman

This stunning afghan features two distinct tile motifs, which are brought together with an elegant join. The pattern includes step-by-step instructions on how to make both of them, and how to choose the colors. Christine’s tiles are very versatile – if you’re not into afghans, use them to make a pillow cover, or a baby blanket. The sky’s the limit!

Pinewood Puppy by Sweet Softies

The Pinewood Puppy is an adorable, pocket-sized buddy that would love to go on outdoor trips with you. This pattern includes instructions to make the puppy doll, basket, blanket, as well as modifications for the human doll version. You can easily customize the pattern to create other characters as well, such as bunny, cat, fox, or bear.

Octobubble by Projectarian

If you are familiar with Projectarian’s patterns, you may remember Apollo the Octopus – well, it’s time to meet its tiny companion! Octobubble is an easy amigurumi project that will be suitable for adventurous beginners. Detailed instructions will help you get through all necessary steps to make it.

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Ladybug Backpack by Inna Stulova

This adorable backpack will keep all of your kid’s treasures – magical rocks, colorful feathers, and a sandwich or two! It’s quite easy to crochet – it’s made with basic shapes, but it requires a little bit of sewing to put all of the parts together. One thing is certain – the final effect will be stunning!

Sunflowers by Inna Stulova

Decorate your windowsill with sunflowers that will never wither, or gift them to someone you love! This project includes clever techniques, such as inserting a wire in the stem. You can easily make these flowers look different by changing the colors of the petals, so be sure to try it and experiment!

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