Color Shifting Squares Free Patterns

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Today’s post is all about the colorful play all the crocheters love. It is amazing how versatile most designs are and how easy it is to change their character by using different yarn styles and colors. This phenomenon lets us come back to our favorite patterns all year round as all we have to do is get creative with the right shades. Color Shifting Squares are going to surprise you! The links to free patterns are under the photos.

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Lady of the Lake 12″ Square

Meet the magical Lady of the Lake! She is mysterious, she is elegant and so sophisticated. Her nature is reflected in these deep, sense-soothing shades of burgundy, dark blue and warm creamy beige. A match made in heaven, perfect for winter.

Skills: intermediate Designer: Lisa Mauser

Lady of the Lake 12 Square Free Crochet Pattern

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Lady of the Lake 12” Square

Did you know that Lady of the Lake has a little sister? She is the princess of spring and loves bright shades. Her favorite colors are turquoise blue, light-toned violet, sunny yellow and powder pink. Are you already under her spell? We thought so!

Lake lady Free Crochet Pattern

Skills: Intermediate            Designer:  Laurie Dale

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Lake Lady

Shifty Little Square

This square really is quite shifty. As you work the pattern, you use back and third loops and alternate between popcorn, picot and crossed stitches. This gives it the appearance of the square “growing” from the inside and morphing shape as it does. It’s really quite beautiful and different enough that it will make your square-based afghans or blankets really unique. The pattern is designed for 9 and 12-inch squares. The link to the free pattern is under the photo.

Skills: intermediate Designer: Laurie Dale

Shifty Little Square Free Crochet Pattern

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Shifty Little Square

Shifty Little Square got refreshed for spring and gained a totally different character. It is youthful, energizing, and charming, all thanks to this delicious cocktail of light-toned, but still bold shades of pink, yellow and green. Well then, are you going to celebrate the new season with a new afghan?

Spring Shifty Square Free Crochet Pattern

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Spring Shifty Square

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