Fall Ripple Blankets

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We have reached the cold season. It’s time to “blanketify”!

Speaking of blankets, have you ever tried any kind of ripple stitch crochet patterns before? At least in our opinion, it enables spectacular effects to be easily achieved. Moreover, the final product’s appearance belies the fact that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make. All in all, ripple stitches are unquestionably fun to work on, but if you found your favorites yet, we invite you to take a look at these examples of blankets for colder days. We know one thing for sure – they are all crazy inspiring! Better still, they’re all cosy and warm for the upcoming cold weather.

Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket

If you have already tried some basic ripples, now it is time to turn it up to 11. How? For instance using this amazing, thick and luxuriant ripple. This is one of the most unique designs we have come upon while exploring the world of crochet patterns, and is undoubtedly perfect for a winter wrapper-upper! It’s thickness and drape will certainly be ideal for a cold evening or as a blanket for colder days.

Vintage Fan Ripple BlanketThe original pattern is available here:

Vintage Fun Ripple Stitch

More info about it is on Ravelry also here. The photos of this version by Chiaki are here.

Simple Neutral Ripple Blanket

Neutral colors and a perfectly basic ripple stitch, what combination could be more lovely? Indisputably, a design like this one is a must-have in crochet pattern quiver. It’s great for all sorts of winter blankets, particularly for ones destined for babies. Follow in the footsteps of genius Amy Ramnarine and find your own way for basic ripples!
simple neutral ripple blanket scaled
The original pattern is available on thestitchinmommy.com here:

Simple Neutral Ripple Blanket

More info about it is on Ravelry here.

Neat Ripple Blanket

The neat ripple blanket is another wonderful variation on this perennial blanket for colder days. Moreover, it’s very gentle texture ensures that it will be great for both a baby and for yourself to wrap up in without too many lumps and bumps.

Neat Ripple BlanketThe original pattern is available here:

Neat Ripple Blanket

 The photos of David Abel’s version are here.

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