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Meet Jess Coppom, the creative force behind Make & Do Crew. With over 30 years of crocheting experience, Jess has become a leading crochet designer. Her journey began at the age of 8 when her mom introduced her to the world of crochet. Today, she collaborates with her mom and sisters to provide free patterns and tutorials that make crochet approachable and modern.

Make & Do Crew, founded in 2015, has grown to be a trusted source for accessible crochet patterns. They cater to both beginners and experienced crafters, focusing on simple shapes and stitches that can be mastered with basic skills.

Their philosophy promotes inclusivity, welcoming crafters of all ages and skill levels. They boast an active community of over 20,000 crocheters on Facebook and 143k subscribers on their YouTube channel. Jess’s work has gained recognition from renowned publications such as Forbes, Women’s Day, HuffPost, BuzzFeed, and Good Housekeeping. She also collaborates with industry-leading brands like Lion Brand and Joann’s.

Join Jess and the Make & Do Crew to explore a world of creativity with crochet, and let’s make something beautiful together!

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