Victorian Lattice Square - free pattern

Two crocheted squares on a wooden table.
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Look at these beautiful crochet building blocks by Destany Wymor with a gorgeous openwork texture. The best part is that you can use the Victorian Lattice Square pattern in any of your crochet projects where you want to create a lacy look. It will do great for making a fabulous granny square blanket or a stylish throw. Does your favorite pillow need a new cover? Crochet several pieces of these and you will get a beautiful handmade pillowcase with a unique lacy design.

The color scheme is really up to you. You can choose shades that match your interior or go wild with a bold tone. We recommend a subtle color theme that will give you a romantic feel when combined with a lacy design. This square pattern uses basic stitches and will suit upper beginners. If you’re one of them don’t hesitate to give it a try!