The Kaleidoscope Blanket - free pattern

Two pictures of a crocheted afghan on a bed.
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You will absolutely adore the distinguished geometric design Catherine Bligh worked into the Kaleidoscope Blanket project. This remarkable pattern will take your tapestry crochet skills up a notch! The author offers three official colourways for you to follow that will produce stunning effects. However, nothing should stop you from making your own shade selection. Just keep in mind that colour schemes play an important role when it comes to tapestry patterns like this one, so let your choice be a well-thought-out one.

The Kaleidoscope Blanket pattern features an intricate arrangement of triangles, squares and octagons, giving it a gorgeous mosaic look. You work this piece with a combination of flat stitches, post stitches and popcorns that result in a beautiful raised dot texture. We’ve already fallen in love with the Kaleidoscope Blanket, have you? Fit yourself with a big stash of yarn and indulge yourself in making this wonderful crochet blanket project!