Scheepjes Colour Lab CAL - free pattern

A colorful array of crocheted squares forming a blanket on the left, and the same blanket neatly folded on a chair with a blackboard of chalk-drawn scientific symbols in the background on the right.
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Rachele Carmona’s Scheepjes Colour Lab CAL is a vibrant journey into the heart of crochet. The pattern shows the boundless creativity that can be achieved with Scheepjes Metropolis yarn.

This CAL is not just a project – it’s an adventure in color and texture, inviting crocheters of various skill levels to dive into gorgeous geometrical designs and hues. It’s a call to experiment with your favorite colorways, merging shades and stitches into something uniquely yours.

The Colour Lab CAL offers new techniques and challenges, including the join-as-you-go method, to refine your skills. Because of its complexity, it will suit best intermediate crocheters. But anyone with basic skills shouldn’t feel discouraged to give it a try.

Embark on this intriguing crochet project and let Rachele Carmona guide you through this creative exploration. The finished piece will work great as a children’s room decor, playmat, or whimsical gift.