Marshmallow Blanket - free pattern

Two pictures of a yellow and white crocheted Marshmallow Blanket.
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If you are looking for a beautiful beginner-friendly pattern for a baby blanket, the Marshmallow Blanket project from CrochetDreamz is the one for you. It comes in a cute and bright colorway of pink, yellow and white. You can easily swap the pink color for blue if you want to make this crochet blanket for a baby boy. Work the pattern using only three basic crochet stitches and super bulky yarn. This will give you a gorgeous texture and a delightfully squishy fabric. Make sure to use a 10 mm crochet hook so that working on this project will be quick and fun.

The Marshmallow Blanket is very easy to adjust. It means you can turn it into any size depending on whether you want the blanket for the cot, pram or receiving. Finish off your crochet baby blanket with a nice border for stability and a polished look. This project will do as a wonderful gift idea for a baby shower too!