Frasera Square - free pattern

a colorful crochet granny square with an intricate 3D design
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Let’s take a pleasant walk through the Frasera Square crochet pattern by The Sky Crochet. This delightful piece is for intermediate crocheters who want to try a more complex project that creates a big visual impact. Use these gorgeous granny squares for making afghans, blankets, or pillowcases. Each piece is 20cm x 20cm and serves as the ideal background for the detailed 3D flower design. The pattern calls for a 3.5 mm crochet hook that will help keep the tight stitches clean.

The Frasera Square pattern employs a whole range of simple and specialized stitches that create a stunning multilayered design. The Frasera Square is a must-have for crocheters who want to push their skills while producing both decorative and functional objects. These crochet squares, however, are so beautiful that they can be hung on walls or displayed on bookshelves alone.