Be a Friend Shawl - free pattern

A woman with red hair smiling, wearing a red crochet shawl, shown from two angles.
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The Be a Friend Shawl by Joyce Nordstrom is a crochet pattern that brings warmth and elegance to one accessory. Made from Red Heart Super Saver yarn and a 6.0 mm hook, this wrap provides both comfort and style. Following the pattern’s instructions, you will get an accessory that measures 24 inches from the top to the bottom. Therefore, it’s ideal for covering your shoulders to ward off the chill of the room or night’s breeze.

The shawl features beautiful shells and cluster stitches that create a textured and inviting look. However, this pattern isn’t just about creating a stylish shawl. It’s crocheted with plenty of good thoughts and warm wishes, making it a perfect gift for anyone you’d like to send love and support to.

This design is suitable for those who wish to make a crafty gift that is also practical. This shawl will be loved by anyone who wears it – feeling the love and friendship woven into every loop and weave!