Learn How to Crochet like Your Granny in 3 Easy Steps!

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You might be more technologically advanced than your grandmother but there are some things that she’s just better at than you!

One of such talent that wasn’t genetically passed down to you is crochet or yarn crafting.

But just because your grandmother couldn’t teach you how to crochet like a pro doesn’t mean you can’t learn now!

So here are 3 easy steps that can help you to start crocheting like your granny!

Start with a Slip Knot

Your crocheting prowess starts with a simple slip knot. We say it’s simple, because it’s simple to make! As you make a loop with your crocheting material (yarn, wool, etc.), make sure the tail of your yarn is 4 to 6 inches long.

Now that you have your knot in place, press a finger on the knot and insert your crochet hook within the loop of the knot. Then tighten the knot around the hook to hold it in place!

Heading for the Foundation Chain

After the hook is secured in the knot, you’ll start with your second course of action, which is crocheting a chain. This is your foundation because all other stitches will be stitched around it.

Hold the hook however you deem comfortable then bring the ball of yarn to one side. Now take the yarn over the hook and bring it underneath.


Now pull the yarn through the knot you created and move your hook to the opposite direction to where you placed your ball of yarn and pull the yarn all the way through the knot.

You’ll notice a loop forming. These loops are called chains; so congratulations! You just successful stitched your first chain!

Repeat the same process for about 20 times to get a substantial chain on your hand.

Singing with Single Crochet Stitches

The best part about crocheting is that once you get the hold of the basics you can pave your own way ahead. So let’s learn how to single stitch crochet and then you can make your way toward double crochet on your own.

With a foundation chain you have ‘v’ shaped loops, take your hook from front to back all the way through the second ‘v’ and with your remaining yarn, yarn over the hook. Now pull the yarn through the ‘v’ shaped loop and bring the yarn back to where you inserted the hook.

Keep on with the process and each time insert your hook into the next chain and then the first!

That’s it! That’s all you need to know! Now you can go ahead and crochet your own masterpieces! However, if you’d like a more visual representation of the entire process, you can watch these tutorials and use our crochet patterns for beginners to give your grandmother a run for her money!

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