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Your Crochet has a wide range of free crochet patterns for children. Create beautiful and unique crochet patterns for newborn babies or small children and gift them to friends and family. A yarn crochet dress, beret, blanket, or toys is one of the best things you can make for your kids. They really look adorable and are one of the best hand-made gift making ideas.

Whether you are looking for free patterns for a DIY crochet making or looking or some new ideas for crochet patterns, we have thousands of patterns to inspire you to create your own unique patterns.

Free crochet patterns for children

Our thousands of crochet patterns for children’s creation like the hats and dresses are FREE. These easy to understand and follow tutorials are absolutely free for your use. If you are a beginner, our easy to follow crochet patterns will help sharpen your skills and build up your experience. If you are looking for some new and more challenging crochet patterns, our advanced crochet patterns for children can help you achieve your goals.

You will also learn how to finger crochet and learn how to make crochet accessories for the dresses and crafts.

Different patterns unique in style

If you think you have tried all the patterns, and there is nothing new to learn, you will happy to know that we always add new patterns to our list. You can easily browse them and create wonderful pieces of dresses, toys, blanket, socks, shirts and many more. These new patterns are wonderful to look at.

If you are the beginner, our easy-to-use tutorial will take you through the entire pattern making with ease. At the end of the day, you will not only build upon your experience, but you will also have gained confidence too.

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