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Flower Pillow Free Crochet Patterns

flower pillows crochet patterns

Flowers are so restful, aren’t they?

Although we’ve looked both at floral patterns and pillows separately before, I can’t really remember the last time we went over a combination of the two. So, I think it’s high time we did. Therefore here are some free crochet patterns for a flower pillow, which will get you going in this dorection. Of course, while beautiful in themselves, these patterns are also great starting points for your own customizations and developments. Indeed, as with flowers themselves, flower pillows are a limitless canvass to explore stitches, textures and colors.

The Retro Throw Pillow

While we may want to take on ever more advanced and fancy techniques, simplicity is sometimes the very best solution. To this end, we can take simple shapes worked on the round, enclosed and then modified by stuffing. Later, other accents that are also worked on the round can be added. Consequently, we end up with a lovely, lobed 18″ flower pillow.

The Retro Throw Pillow

The full tutorial about this pattern you will find on kitzknitz.com:

Dahlia Pillow

However, if you  are looking for a more advancedc technique, there are also patterns for you. This flower pillow uses the intarsia technique to achieve a simple, yet beautiful design. Although it may be a bit more challenging, the rewarding experience of learning a novel technique is truly worth the effort.

Dahlia Pillow

The full article about this pattern is on http://mycrochetory.com/:

Dahlia Pillow

Flower Power Pillow

Next, a flower pillow does’t have to be very modern in outlook. Indeed, sometimes a Boho-inspired look is the right one, and this beautiful pillow shows this in spades. To summarize, this pillow is a showcase of different techniques to keep you interested and your audience amazed.

Flower Power Pillow

The full article about this pattern is on thispixiecreates.com:

Flower Power Pillow

Blooming Flower Cushion

While the preceding pattern was a showcase of textures, this flower pillow is a showcase of colors overlaid on top of a single definite texture. However, the strong color gradient combined with the 3D surface really makes this amazing pillow stand out.

Blooming Flower Cushion

The full article about this pattern is on https://attic24.typepad.com/:

Blooming Flower Cushion

More info about project photographed you will find on Ravelry here and here.

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