Coronavirus Educational Amigurumi

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Amigurumi projects are always playful and designed to bring us pure fun but this time we are making an exception. This collection of Coronavirus Educational Amigurumi has been created to help you help your kids understand what is going on in the world today.

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading around the world, we all have to remember about hygiene, social distancing, and general safety rules. We believe these crochet projects will help your kids understand the virus and protect themselves in the right way. Parents, teachers, and educators may find these amigurumi toys useful. Why don’t you use your skills to contribute to their work?

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Coronavirus Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

The brilliant author of this pattern has created her virus amigurumi as a part of anti-germaphobia therapy. She wrote: “Nothing is scary when you put a silly face on it”. If you are struggling with anxiety these days, a crocheting exercise like that may help calm your nerves.


Go to the pattern: Coronavirus Amigurumi, more info here.


Coronavirus Germ Covid 19 Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet germ may serve as an educational prop during biology lessons or safety and hygiene workshops for little kids. If you use a funny-looking toy to explain things, children will understand them better!

Go to the pattern: Coronavirus Germ.


Coronavirus COVID-19 Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

These crochet germs get nervous when they see soap and water. If you want to remind your children to wash their hands regularly, which is very important these days, this pattern might come in handy. Crocheting will help you relax as well!

Go to the pattern: Coronavirus COVID-19 Amigurumi, more info here.


Morris the Virus Free Crochet Pattern

If your kids keep forgetting to wash their hands as often as they should these days, Morris the Virus will serve as a reminder. Crochet one amigurumi germ for each of your little bundles of joy and explain the hygiene rules to them again.


Go to the pattern: Morris the Virus.


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Corinna Virus Mitmach Aktion Free Crochet Pattern

If you need to relax in this stressful time, a small amigurumi project should help soothe your senses. The effects of your work can later be used for educational purposes so you will feel productive as well. What better way is there to remind your kids to wash and disinfect?


Go to the pattern: Corinna Virus Mitmach Aktion.


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