Baby Girl Crochet Dress [Free Diagram Pattern]

Today I have one more thought of crochet dress for babies, this thought is one of those you simply look passes on of loves, this example shop dress was customized for the little princesses, they are sensitive yarns for that sort Work for an all the more intriguing outcome, be extremely watchful when purchasing the… Read more

Gemstone Crochet Dress [Lace] Free Pattern

Awesome little girl dress to make in any colour, depends on you and imagination. This crochet pattern is for free with 1.65 mm crochet hook and ribbon. This pattern is below: More free crochet patterns? join our facebook group Like US on Facebook - only crochet free patterns [spider_facebook id="1"] >> Free Crochet Pattern is… Read more

Strawberry Fields Crochet Shawl

This shawl can be made on many possible styles, with triangles or without, in one colors or in many. Run imagination and create your individual shawl.   Crochet fan? Join our group. Thousands Free crochet hits on Fan Page [spider_facebook id="1"] Start Download in PDF here Read more