Amazing Amigurumi Fee Patterns collection, present you the most attractive and useful ideas. Amigurumi has been a large trend in the crochet globe for quite a while now, giving people who are uncomfortable with creating blankets, hats and gloves a pleasant shift in pace. A series of nice and cuddly toys are offered in this round of free amigurumi patterns for young and young people.

Baby Mouse [Amigurumi/Crochet]

zHi. Today we present you another amigurumi crochet art comes from little muggles. They are very tallented crafts masters if they creat so beautiful sweet mouse. Every child will be happy if get it as a toy. Be careful becouse the project is not so easy but author have very helpful directions for yuo and… Read more

Sweetheart Amigurumi Duck

Free Crochet Pattern Many funny and miracle amigurumi toys can be found among crochet free patterns but this one belongs to the special project. Kids will love her at once, your time will not be lost. Perfectly designed with head, body, skirt, thumb, tail, legs, neck, beak, the bottom part of the beak, and eyebrows!… Read more

Sweetheart Dressed Owl [Amigurumi Pattern]

This amazing crochet, dressed owl girl belongs to special patterns. Very carefully and precisely designed, guarantee all crocheters 100% effect, but only when being close to instruction. Shoes, Body, Wings, Crochet Dress, Sleeves, Beak, how to decorate the face, bow, every step is perfectly known. Share your final work in our facebook group >> Crochet… Read more

Winnie the Pooh Crochet Pattern

Sometimes need the pause with an ambitious project, it doesn't mean this not. One of the best amigurumi - Pendant mascot key or simply to decor your inside home or flat. Pattern includes quite a smart description of how to crochet Body, Feet, Arms, Ears, Face and how to put all this stuff together. So… Read more

Little Crochet Elephant Bigfoot

Little Bigfoot Crochet two elephants are the example how to make this awesome toy gang. Many of crochet lovers looking for good and precise patterns for this work. I'm sure everybody will be happy to study this pattern and video tutorial. This pattern is available totally for free in below: More free crochet patterns? join… Read more

Little Sweetheart Rainbow Owl

Wow! If you are looking for the best owls you are welcome. This collection can be made in any coloros. Eyes, small ears, wonderful eyes, and the little nose. All can be great toys for children and not only. This pattern is available totally for free in below: More free crochet patterns? join our facebook… Read more

Crochet Awesome Owl

Mr Murasaki is associate degree introvert through and thru. He finds it exhausting to be around individuals. His favorite interest includes off her guard within the hollows of newly-discovered trees – simply to “test them out”, he says. To get free Crochet patterns join to our Facebook Group! Read more