Amanda Bear Annie Panda Amigurumi Free

You are welcome to offer the completed dolls that made out of my unique pattern. Because I jump at the chance to help crafters and love to get notification from you, feel allowed to leave a remark or make proper acquaintance. Kindly don't sell, redistributed my example in any shape. Rather than that show my… Read more

Mr. Frog – Free Amigurumi

Meet! Mr.Frog. He is ideal for any individual who cherishes all thing froggy.He has a major grin all over and will convey a joy to your home. Stunning toy for all children. If you enjoyed this article please share and Like our Facebook page. Thanks! [spider_facebook id="1"] The Free pattern of Mouse sleepy is… Read more

Giraffe Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Honestly, this is another modification of well-known pattern in English - Babie Giraffes free pattern - but little differences make this model very attractive. One question - open below link and website with the pattern in Chrome or Google translate because the content is in Spanish. Google will automatically translate into the English very understandable.… Read more