8 petal African flower blanket

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Here are some flowers for these cold, blustery days.

The 8 petal African flower is a wonderful theme for designing crochet patterns. Because they can be made as bold, or as subtle as anyone could wish, they are very versatile. Indeed, they work very well both on flat surfaces and on oddly shaped or curved objects as well. However, they truly come into their own when incorporated into a square. Thus, here are some patterns to show you the great beauty and versatility of this gorgeous theme.

8 Petal African Flower Square

This square is a a way to incorporate today’s subject into traditional square-based crochet. The plain square consequently forms a backdrop to display these wonderful blossoms.

8 Petal African Flower Square
The full article about this pattern is here:

African Flower with 8 petals

photo source: Instagram

8 Petal African Flower Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The pattern is a design for a blanket in a large variety of 4 color variations (navy, beige, light blue and white). It’s undoubtedly noteworthy how the 8-angled symmetry of the flower interplays beautifully with the diagonally stitched lines of voids in the blanket. Overall, this is a masterful, understated blanket making use of this design.

African Flower Blanket

this pattern is here:

African Flower with 8 petals

photo source: Instagram

You can also follow Youtube tutorial how to make 8 petal flower granny square:

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